Your Hobbies Don't Deserve to Be Judged

When I started something new, I used to ask my friends for feedback.

Look what I did. Is that good enough in your opinion?

Some of my friends said, “It looks good to me.
Some of them tried to be neutral.
And others said, “This is bad, this is not your way, and you should stop doing this.

After I heard all the opinions from my friends, do you know which stuck in my mind the most?
Yes, the negative (and non-constructive) one.

I used to think that if I listened to criticism, I could improve my skills.
But in reality, it discourages me and makes me think that I am bad at that thing and never do that again.

After 24 years of my life, I knew something just like aha moment.
What matters most when doing hobbies is my happiness while trying to do and improve it along the way at my own pace. I don’t let anyone judge my hobbies again.

If it is not a job, I don’t let anyone judge me

The first song that you sing will be out of tune.
The first photo that you take will not be beautiful.
And also…
The first blog that you wrote will not be that good.

The most important thing is I am happy while I am writing this and allow myself to improve my skills at my own pace.